Our Team, Our Culture

The Group DLA team are united by a common purpose – to be a market leading, sustainable, professional consultancy, providing Building Code advice and Certification Services in a client focused and proactive manner. This is an ethos we are committed to as a group, and strive to provide on a daily basis.

We understand the value and importance of a harmonious team and the benefits that come with a collaborative workplace. Through a highly diverse and experienced team, Group DLA are well positioned to resource any manner of project to ensure its success.


Technical + Support Staff

With a proven depth of experience and expertise, the Group DLA team is well placed to provide our clients with specialist technical staff who draw upon their diverse industry backgrounds across all property sectors. We pride ourselves on a dynamic and innovative culture, driven by respected, intuitive and approachable industry leaders.

Our team members are accredited to the highest level by the NSW Building Professionals Board (BPB), ensuring you will only deal with a suitably qualified and experienced professional, dedicated to ensuring the successful delivery of your project, each and every time.